How to Advertise on the Inspirational Living Podcast

November 20, 2016

The Inspirational Living podcast offers select companies an opportunity to become a sponsor of our motivational podcast. We work exclusively with socially and ethically responsible companies who offer products or services related to a healthy lifestyle--including improved health & wellness, enhanced productivity, financial independence, better personal relationships, creativity tools, and more.

An Advertising Strategy that Pays Long Term Dividends

Unlike most podcasts, Inspirational Living is an “evergreen” podcast, each episode continually attracting substantial numbers of new downloads every month. You pay only the amount for the projected downloads over 6 weeks. But your advertisement will be heard by thousands of more listeners as time goes on, driving continued sales.

With over 1 million total downloads, our podcast now ranks #1 on Google for searches related to inspirational and motivational podcasts.

Details for Potential Advertising Sponsors

1) Exclusive 1 month sponsorship of the Inspirational Living Podcast (9 episodes).

2) 1st episode will include an approximately 60 second live-read pre-roll introduction of the advertiser to the audience. The following 8 episodes will feature a 30 second live-read pre-roll message about the sponsor/advertiser—which can include coupon code. A brief sponsorship message will also be repeated for free at the end of each episode—directing listeners once again to the sponsor’s website. No mid-roll ads can be offered due to the length and nature of our podcast.

3) If possible, the 1st episode will be on a topic that is directly or indirectly related with the sponsor’s market niche.

4) The advertising sponsor will receive a free mini-banner ad (linked to their website) on the sidebar of the website of the Inspirational Living podcast, and a free linked sponsorship message at the bottom of each episode description. Approximately 4,500 visitors to the website ( a month, about 75% being unique visitors.

5) Advertising sponsor will also receive a free linked sponsorship message on the home page of The Living Hour website (, the producer of the Inspirational Living Podcast, and a free link from the published transcript that appears on the website. Approximately 6,500 visitors a month.

Bonus Rewards for 2016/17 Sponsors

1) We guarantee that the episode which your advertisement appears will stay online, with your advertisement included, forever (i.e. as along as the Inspirational Living podcast exists online).

2) We will edit one of our old popular podcasts to include your advertising message free of charge. Thus you ultimately will receive advertising on 10 episodes (9 new episodes + 1 archival episode).

Current Estimated Cost of Campaign*

CPM: $25
Average Episode Downloads after 6 weeks:
Cost Per Episode:
1 Month (9 Episode) Sponsorship:

*Discounted rates available to small businesses and startups with smaller advertising budgets.