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A Brahmin Guide for Living a Noble Life | Brahman Wisdom

May 15, 2018

Listen to episode 265 of the Inspirational Living podcast: A Brahmin Guide for Living a Noble Life. Edited and adapted from The Economy of Human Life, translated from an ancient Brahmin manuscript by Robert Dodsley.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Economy of Human Life, translated from an ancient Brahmin Manuscript by Robert Dodsley, published in 1839.

COMMUNE with yourself and consider for what reason you were made. Contemplate your powers, your wants, and your connections — so that you shall discover the duties of life, and be directed in all your ways.

Proceed not to speak or to act before you have weighed your words, and examined the tendency of every step you will take. By doing so, disgrace shall fly far from you, and in your house, shame shall be a stranger; repentance shall not visit you; nor sorrow dwell upon your cheek.

The thoughtless person speaks at random. They are entangled in the foolishness of their own words. They are like the person who runs in haste and leaps over a fence, only to fall into a pit on the other side, which they did not see — for they plunge suddenly into any action, not having considered the consequences.

Hearken therefore unto the voice of Consideration. Her words are the words of wisdom, and her paths shall lead you to truth and safety.

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