A Christmas Sermon on Meekness, Humility & Love

December 21, 2017

Listen to episode 224 of the Inspirational Living podcast: A Christmas Sermon on Meekness, Humility & Love. Edited and adapted from All These Things Added by James Allen.

Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. This is our last podcast before Christmas, so I would like to wish you all a wonderful and healthy Christmas holiday with your friends, family, and everyone you hold dear. Today’s reading was edited and adapted from All These Things Added by James Allen, published in 1903.

THE mountain bends not to the fiercest storm, but it shields the fledgling and the lamb; and though all people tread upon it, yet it protects them, and bears them up upon its sturdy bosom. So it is also with the meek among us, who compassionately bend to shield the lowliest creature, and, though they may be despised, lift all others up and lovingly protect them.

As glorious as the mountain in its silence are the divine man and woman in their silent Meekness; like the mountainous form, their loving embrace is expansive and sublime. Truly their body, like the mountain’s base, is fixed in the valleys and the mists; but the summit of their being is eternally bathed in cloudless glory, and lives with the majestic Silence.

When you have found Meekness, you have found divinity. You have realized the divine consciousness, and know yourself as divine. You also know all others as divine — though they know it not themselves, being asleep and dreaming. Meekness is a divine quality, and as such is all powerful. The meek person overcomes by not resisting, and by allowing themselves to be defeated, they attain to the Supreme Conquest.

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