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A Merry Heart | The Poetry of Happy Living | Inspiration

January 11, 2018

Listen to episode 230 of the Inspirational Living podcast: A Merry Heart | The Poetry of Happy Living. Edited and adapted from A Book of Friendly Thoughts by Nixon Waterman.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from A Book of Friendly Thoughts by Nixon Waterman, published in 1913.

WHO among us can presume to estimate the value of a joyful heart? What a perpetual blessing it is to its possessor and to all who must come into close relationship with the owner of it! There is nothing more pleasantly "catching" than happiness. The happy person serves to make all who are about them the more happy.

What the bright, inspiring sunshine adds to the beauty of the fields, a happy disposition adds to the charm of all the incidents and experiences of one's daily life. Do not you, who listens to me now, love to associate with a friend possessing a cheerful disposition? And do you not intuitively refrain from meeting with the unfortunate one whose looks and words are heavy with complaining or whose eyes fail to see the beauty of the world lying all about?

If we are given to wise thinking, we must reach the conclusion that as we regard these attributes in others, so others must regard them in us. Nothing is more eloquent than a joyful face. It is the open sesame to all our hearts. A sunshiny face melts away all opposition and finds the word "Welcome" written over the doorways where the face that wears a hard, unfriendly look sees only the warning, "No Admittance."