An Untethered Philosophy of Life | Soul Wisdom

November 1, 2016

Listen to episode 105 of the Inspirational Living podcast: An Untethered Philosophy of Life (Soul Wisdom). Edited and adapted from “The Message of New Thought” by Abel Allen.

New Thought Podcast Excerpt: The kind and quality of your thought determines the kind and quality of life. Thought is expressed in the personality and molds the outward circumstances of life. It is manifested in life’s results. We receive that which is our due; nothing more, nothing less. We pay the price; we do not get something for nothing. We take out of life only what we put in.

Only as we take to life a full soul, do we live a full life. If we carry into life an empty soul, our reward is a desolate and barren life. Life yields only what it receives. These truths should sink deep into your understanding, as they light the pathway that leads to the art of living.

It follows as a natural sequence that the violation of these laws brings its own swift and relentless punishment. If we break them, Nature sets up her impediments, we are frustrated in our efforts, we fail to reach the real in life. The converse is also true. If we keep them, Nature smiles her approval and we reach out toward the constructive and essential in life.

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