Admiration & Everyday Heroes | The Heroic Spirit

October 26, 2017

Listen to episode 208 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Admiration & Everyday Heroes | The Heroic Spirit. Adapted from the book “Courage” by Charles Wagner.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: We live through respect, and we perish through scoffing. Plato banished musicians from his republic because he wrongly believed that music weakened a citizen’s courage. As for me, I declare war against the spirit of mockery. I wish that it might be eradicated, like those parasites which are nourished on our marrow and blood.

Let us banish the scoffer. And, on the other hand, let us cherish admiration, respect, and enthusiasm in all their forms, as among the elements of a healthy morality, and the source of strong wills. All that I have to say on this subject, I shall try to say under the heading of Heroic Education.

What is a hero? They are a person of larger stature than their contemporaries, one who has lived an intenser and wider human life than the majority — a being who concentrates, in their mind and heart, the aspirations of a whole epoch, and gives them powerful expression. Or it may be that they are the man or woman who appears above the crowd to accomplish one deed, but one so great, so fine, that it immortalizes them.

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