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Anger Management | Avoid the Temper Trap

March 20, 2018

Listen to episode 249 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Anger Management | Avoid the Temper Trap. Edited and adapted from The Royal Path of Life by T.L. Haines & L.W. Yaggy.

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To learn more, go to And use the coupon code “inspiration” for 30% off the $11.99 purchase price. Thank you. Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Royal Path of Life by T. L. Haines and L. W. Yaggy, published in 1882.

Good temper is like a sunny day; it sheds its brightness on everything. No trait of character is more valuable than the possession of good temper. Home can never be made happy without it. It is like flowers springing up in our pathway, reviving and cheering us. Kind words and looks are the outward demonstration; patience and forbearance are the sentinels within.

If a person has a quarrelsome temper, let them alone. The world will soon find them employment. They will soon meet with someone stronger than themselves, who will repay them better than you can. How sweet is the serenity of habitual self-control! How many stinging self-reproaches it spares us!

When do we feel more at ease with ourselves than when we have passed through a sudden and strong provocation without speaking a word, or in undisturbed good humor. When, on the contrary, do we feel deeper humiliation than when we are conscious that anger has made us betray ourselves by word, look, or action? Nervous irritability is the greatest weakness of character. It is the sharp grit which aggravates friction and cuts out the bearings of the entire human machine.