Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

How to Grow Rich in Wisdom, Love & Happiness

November 5, 2019

Listen to episode 420 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Becoming Rich in Wisdom, Love & Happiness. Edited and adapted from A Man Worthwhile by John Phillips Meakin.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Ralph Waldo Emerson was rich in wisdom, love, and happiness, and he made others rich with the same kind of wealth. He lived to a ripe old age and passed peacefully into the shadow. The world is better, happier, wiser, and richer for his having lived. He was a successful man. He sought not for glory. It came to him unsought, and his name grows greater and brighter with the passing years.

Success in life does not only mean the winning of some great prize: it ought to mean the attainment of that physical and intellectual condition in the individual where all the various strings which make up the harp of life respond in fullest measure to the infinite vibrations of a throbbing, pulsing world.

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