Being Happy & Successful in Any Career: The Art of Work

October 18, 2016

Listen to episode 101 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Being Happy & Successful in Any Career. Edited and adapted from How to Get On by Bernard Feeney.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Suppose that you have already decided and entered on a career, profession, or calling of any kind, which for some reason you cannot give up, I advise you strongly, if you value your peace of mind and wish to save your life from failure, to seek out all possible reasons for loving that career and becoming attached to it. Drive away all craving for what may not be. Turn your mind from it, as from a deadly temptation.

Every beginning is hard. You will, no doubt, chafe and fume for a little at the thought that you are bound for life to something sickening and hateful. But we soon adapt ourselves to the inevitable, no matter how disagreeable it be. Habit reconciles us to it, and companionship after a time disposes us in its favor. There is good in everything, even in a career unwisely chosen. But this good has to be found out; it does not always present itself at first view.

A piece of quartz is a dull, heavy, unshapen lump of earth. Yet when people came to know its value, they dug deep into the earth, and cut their way through rocks, and endangered their lives to obtain it. So, too, with a career. It may be humble, ill-paid, and laborious; it may seem to have no future before it; it may be commonplace and unromantic, as the realities of life generally are. But it is, at least, honest and independent. It does us well to develop steadiness, love of duty, trustworthiness — all of which helps us to keep our homes bright and cheerful....

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