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Rewiring Your Brain for Optimism & Positive Thinking

January 5, 2017

Listen to episode 124 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Rewiring Your Brain for Optimism & Positive Thinking. Adapted from the book Success is For You by Dorothy Quigley.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: If the optimist is a fool who would be wise? If you are a miserable, despondent, unsuccessful individual, get hold of yourself this instant. First get yourself into the condition for success. If possible have a room of your own into which you can go and preserve the sacred and uninterrupted seclusion that would be granted you, if you were meditating or saying your prayers. If you cannot have a place, choose an hour at night or early in the morning when you may be sure of being undisturbed.

If you are despondent, train your mind to be hopeful. If you have no pleasant experiences in your life to recall, imagine the pleasantest things you would like to have happen to you or you would like to do. Picture yourself in a commanding attitude, full of courage and brightness. See your face as radiant with cheerfulness as you can imagine it. Look in the glass and catch your expression. Recall these thoughts, quicken the emotions and sensations of hope and courage.

Go over and over them with the steady persistency of a student bent upon learning a difficult foreign language. Soon your brain cells, nerved with new thoughts, energized with an inspiriting inflow of positive thought-force, will work for themselves, and your Will will will you to think in currents of hopeful and courageous thoughts, and you will view life from a newer and higher plane, and see opportunities you never saw before.

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