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Being the Victor & Not the Victim of Circumstance

July 28, 2020

Listen to episode 496 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Being the Victor & Not the Victim of Circumstance. Edited and adapted from The Aim of Life by Philip Stafford Moxom.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Aim of Life by Philip Stafford Moxom, published in 1894.

CHARACTER is a very different thing from reputation, although the two often are used interchangeably. Reputation is what you are thought to be. Character is what you are. The one is opinion. The other is fact. Circumstances and associations (or even artful management) may give you a fictitious reputation for a time. But your character is yourself, and that at last makes your real reputation.

You may run away from a bad reputation, for that is something outside of yourself. But you can never run away from a bad character, for that IS yourself. Your reputation is like your shadow, which (according as the sun is high or low) may be longer or shorter than yourself, or may even disappear altogether, as when the sun is at its zenith. But your character is like the color of your eyes — look which way you will, it is the same.

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