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Breathing for Vitality & Success | Healthy Living

September 22, 2020

Listen to episode 509 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Breathing for Vitality & Success | Healthy Living. Edited and adapted from Success Through Thought Habit by Benjamin Johnson.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Your character represents the result of the habits you have formed. Your habits show your manner of thought. Your manner of thought is in turn affected by your method of breathing.

Would you like to succeed? Then breathe systematically, intelligently, and happily. The air is filled with life-giving oxygen ready for you to use. It is already yours. But you must give it space in which to do its work. Unless you have the force of will necessary to breathe correctly (not only once but many times a day), you have not sufficient will to develop your mental faculties to their greatest capacity — hence your thinking will be limited.

You have probably, like many other people, considered breathing as a natural process not worth bothering about. And so, like many other people, you have starved certain organs of your body, impoverished your brain, and then sought for some remedy to act as a tonic.


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