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Building Health, Energy & Personality | Charles Atlas

February 18, 2020

Listen to episode 450 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: Building Health, Energy & Personality. Edited and adapted from the work of Charles Atlas.

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The very first essential thing to do in securing radiant health and physical strength is the deep breathing of pure, outside air. We can live without food for many weeks, without water for many days, but we cannot live without air for more than a few minutes.

Air is equally a food as fruits and vegetables. When it enters into the composition of the body, its value cannot be over emphasized. Yet because it is so cheap we often ignore its real value.

Remember that oxygen is LIFE! The more oxygen you breathe, the more health and strength you will get. This life-giving oxygen furnishes the power to pump the blood through the heart. It assists in carrying off the waste products from the myriad of tiny cells in the body, and helps to build new and stronger cells.