The Road to Character Building & The Law of Reciprocity

September 13, 2016

Listen to episode 91 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Road to Character Building & The Law of Reciprocity. Edited and adapted from The Rhythm of Life by Charles Brodie Patterson.

Podcast Excerpt: Everything in life depends upon the great law of reciprocity, of giving and receiving. We give of our possessions, and through doing this enter into larger possessions. Nature exacts of us no indiscriminate giving, but a wise, orderly, benevolent giving that considers both the object and the end of the giving.

There is a wise way of doing everything, and if that way is known and followed, we get the best results. The body is strengthened and renewed when the mind chooses exercise of a normal, natural kind to strengthen alike all parts of the body. In this way, the health of the body is being worked out, and it is being saved from weakness, pain, or disease.

That which holds good as regards the body, holds good in a larger way concerning the mind. The weak or negative minded person need never hope to develop a strong, vigorous mind, as long as they continue to allow their mind to dwell upon the negative things of life.

If we would bring strength out of our weaknesses, it must come from a continuous effort toward clear, concise, positive thinking. Strength of mind can only come through a concentrated use of the mind. Mental work is as necessary for the strengthening of the mind as physical work is for the body.

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