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Cheerfulness & The Wheel of Life | Uplifting Podcasts

June 18, 2020

Listen to episode 485 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Cheerfulness & The Wheel of Life. Adapted from Everyday Efficiency by C.H. Forbes-Lindsay.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. To get the best essays from our podcast in heirloom hardcover or digital e-book, please visit Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Everyday Efficiency: A Practical Guide to Efficient Living by C.H. Forbes-Lindsay, published in 1918.

Cheerfulness is the lubricant of the "Wheel of Life." It lightens labor, diminishes difficulties, and mitigates misfortunes. After what we may term the essential virtues, Cheerfulness is the most desirable human quality. And it is the most conspicuously absent among Americans. As Emerson once said, "I question if care and doubt ever wrote their names so legibly on the faces of any other population.”

With us the "wheel of life" is allowed to become rusted with worry and clogged with the dust and lint of petty frictions, so that the round of daily life is made doubly difficult and wearing. It IS possible for a cheerless person to achieve success, but they do so at terrible cost to themselves and others. They cannot enjoy money, position, and other attainments, for the power of enjoyment soon passes away from them. They never appreciate the truth that happiness is to be found in living, in endeavor, in the pursuit.

The object striven for seldom brings the anticipated happiness. The person who views life as a painful drudgery to be compensated for by the ultimate realization of a supreme desire has grievous disappointments in store for them — for as Stevenson said: "To travel hopefully is better than to arrive, and true success involves labor. Surely we must look for happiness along the road — not at the end of it.”