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Creating a Success Mindset | I AM Success

November 28, 2019

Listen to episode 427 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Creating a Success Mindset | I AM Success. Edited and adapted from Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin, published in 1921.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: It cannot be emphasized too much that success is not something to be won. It is a mental state, an attitude of the mind. The mind itself has unlimited power, and mental power (or thought) is the force that is greater than all forces. Therefore the power to accomplish all things is within us.

This potent power, however, cannot find expression in your life if your attitude of the mind is wrong. When the mind is naturally of the success type (or is made so by training), then its intense powers become focused into one powerful beam, which shapes and molds the outward life on the form of the inward pattern.

There is nothing of "magic" about this. It is capable of the simplest explanation. When your mind is of this type, the impulses sent to the sub-conscious mind can only result in successful actions. The sub-conscious mind is the seat of all action and contains unlimited power and energy.

This power and energy only needs directing into the right channel to accomplish anything that we may desire to accomplish. When the mind, therefore, is cast in the "Success" mold, only "success" thoughts and suggestions can go to the sub-conscious mind, and these in turn must of necessity be translated into successful actions.