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Cultivating the Midas Touch | The Power to Win | Motivation

November 27, 2018

Listen to episode 321 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Cultivating the Midas Touch | The Power to Prevail. Edited and adapted from Mightier than Circumstance by Frank B. Whitney.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Mightier than Circumstance by Frank B. Whitney, published in 1939.

Do you know people who have the habit of succeeding in whatever they undertake? Don’t they seem to cultivate the habit of success, just as others seem to cultivate the habit of failure? And yet, have you ever thought of success as a habit that you can acquire?

Well, you can. Each time you succeed, your success makes every subsequent achievement easier. You establish a process of mental activity that anticipates and assures success. Fear of failure is thus overcome, and confidence in success is established. Your mind thinks success, and you move toward success.

The pioneer (no matter the field of endeavor) finds that each time they travel over a new path, their progress becomes easier. In the same way, every time you think of yourself as successful, the easier it is for you to succeed. Thinking the thought of success helps to weaken any thought of failure that may be lurking in your mind.

When you cultivate a consciousness of success, and use it daily while engaged in your work, more and more success will come. Success eventually will become a habit. You will become so used to thinking success, and being successful, that you cannot fail — or if you do fail, it will be but a temporary learning experience.

Many people need to cultivate a confidence in success. They need to feel (when they are inspired by the Spirit within them to do something) that they can accomplish it. They need to know that the very act of attempting to do what Spirit bids them to accomplish carries with it success.