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Developing a Great and Powerful Personality

June 11, 2020

Listen to episode 483 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Developing a Great and Powerful Personality. Edited and adapted from Leadership by George H. Knox.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: There is a force in the world that is all-powerful — something that transforms us into giants when we open our minds to the highest good. There is a power that enables you to multiply your mental force a thousand times, and even to increase your physical force until you can almost defy fatigue and disease. We see this power every day in the faces of women and men, in the painting of the artist, in the song of the poet, in all the great achievements of humankind.

What is this power? Perhaps no one knows for sure. But as we use electricity without knowing exactly what it is, so does this peculiar something exert an influence greater than that of electricity. Scientists tell us that the entire atmosphere is filled with energy, that there is an ocean of energy enveloping the world, and as we use this force or energy does it come to us in an ever-increasing supply. However, this phenomenon alone cannot account for our personality, nor how we can develop it; how we can become magnetic and attractive; how we can develop capacity for work and leadership.

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