Do Your Best at All Times | Success at Any Age

December 19, 2017

Listen to episode 223 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Do Your Best at All Times | Success at Any Age. Edited and adapted from “Self-Control: It’s Kingship & Majesty” by William George Jordan.

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Now on to today’s reading, which was edited and adapted from “Self-Control: It’s Kingship & Majesty” by William George Jordan, published in 1898.

Life is a wondrously complex problem for each one of us, until, one day, in a moment of illumination, we awaken to the great realization that we can make it simple — never quite simple, but always simpler.

There are a thousand mysteries of right and wrong that have baffled the wise ones of the ages. There are depths in the great fundamental question of the human race that no plummet of philosophy has ever sounded. There are wild cries of honest hunger for truth that seek to pierce the silence beyond the grave, but ever echo back only a repetition of these unanswered cries.

To us all, there comes, at times, a great note of questioning despair that darkens our horizon and paralyzes our effort: We say to ourselves, “If there really be a God, if eternal justice really rules the world, why should life be as it is? Why do some people starve while others feast; why does virtue often languish in the shadow while vice triumphs in the sunshine; why does failure so often dog the footsteps of honest effort, while the success that comes from trickery and dishonor is greeted with the world’s applause? How is it that the loving parent of one family is taken by death, while the worthless one of another is spared? Why is there so much unnecessary pain, sorrow, and suffering in the world — why, indeed, should there be any at all?”

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