Facing the Mistakes of Life | No Regrets & Moving On

September 21, 2017

Listen to episode 198 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Facing the Mistakes of Life | No Regrets & Moving On. Adapted from The Power of Purpose by William George Jordan.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: There are only two classes of people who never make mistakes — they are the dead and the unborn. Mistakes are the inevitable accompaniment of the greatest gift given to humanity — individual freedom of action.

If we were only a pawn in the fingers of Omnipotence, with no self-moving power, we would never make a mistake, but our very immunity would degrade us to the ranks of the lower animals and the plants. An oyster never makes a mistake — it has not the mind that would permit it to forsake an instinct.

Let us be glad of the dignity of our privilege to make mistakes, glad of the wisdom that enables us to recognize them, glad of the power that permits us to turn their light as a glowing illumination along the pathway of our future. Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom, the assessments we pay on our stock of experience, the raw material of error to be transformed into higher living. Without them there would be no individual growth, no progress, no conquest.

Mistakes are the knots, the tangles, the broken threads, the dropped stitches in the web of our living. They are the misdeals in judgment, our unwise investments in morals, the profit and loss account of wisdom. They are the misleading by-paths from the straight road of truth — and truth in our highest living is but the accuracy of the soul.

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