Finding the Strength to Love | Spiritual Growth

October 19, 2017

Listen to episode 206 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Finding the Strength to Love | Spiritual Growth. Adapted Edited and adapted from The Pathway of Roses by Christian D. Larson.

Spiritual Growth Podcast Excerpt: There is nothing to lose but failure, and everything to gain, when we learn to love in a strong, high, universal sense. To begin, love as much as you can; be directly interested in the highest welfare of everybody; feel in the depths of the soul that we are all working together for the greatest good to all humanity; and make this feeling so strong that it thrills every fibre in your being.

But do not love for effect. Love because you feel love. And train yourself to feel love by loving with all the power of love, and in the highest, purest sense you know. Those who try to ascend will go up; those who try to become strong will enter power; and those who try to love everybody with the deepest, highest, strongest love of the soul will daily enter more and more deeply into the very spirit of that love that is love.

And when you are awakened in the world of true spiritual love, real love takes possession of all your feelings and desires; and all your love will eternally love because it is love. From that moment you will constantly receive love from all the world and constantly give love to all the world.

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