Politeness: An Etiquette Guide for Gentleman & Ladies

April 27, 2017

Listen to episode 156 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Politeness: An Etiquette Guide for Gentleman & Ladies. Edited & adapted from Hints on Common Politeness by Daniel Clement (D.C.) Colesworthy.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: We have fallen on singular times. Who has any true regard for the rights of their neighbor? Where can a really polite person be found? If we do not actually spit in the faces of our friends, we are, every day of our lives, guilty of numberless thoughtless and uncivil acts that greatly displease and annoy them.

Your own pleasure, convenience, and interest should not be taken into consideration when they conflict with the duties you owe your neighbors and society at large. It is a glorious privilege to sacrifice our own selfish interests, if thereby we can promote the well-being of others, and scatter widely and profusely the blessings of life.

By offering these few hints that follow I hope to contribute to the welfare and happiness of my fellow citizens, and scatter more bountifully the sunshine and warmth that spring from elevated affections and sincere politeness.

It is not polite to fret and scold at the petty annoyances of life.

It is not polite to use harsh language when speaking to another person of their faults, however aggravating you may think they be.

It is not polite to seek opportunities for revenge. To forgive and to forget is the true doctrine.

It is not polite to get unnecessarily excited and angry, whatever the provocation may be.

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