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How to Become a Great Lover of Life | And of Death

April 17, 2018

Listen to episode 257 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Become a Great Lover of Life & Death. Edited and adapted from The Key to Health, Wealth & Love by Julia Seton.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The way to get love is to give it, and true love is simply empathy and understanding — when you can take time from your own personal desires and activities to find what another person wants or needs, feeling within yourself the very pangs of their own deep longing, then eagerly, willingly, helping them to get those things which will satisfy their soul and make them bigger and better because of your assistance — you love this person, and by these actions have passed into true love; you love them with the love that heals and binds and blesses.

The way of life is joy, through love and service. We must give and do for others, not alone in our own way, but in the way they can receive and appreciate. No one can ever die alone who has lost his life in the life of humanity, for every bit of your long life of love-giving will come back to you in your closing days, to walk beside you and comfort your farewell to the world. Human love in the form of a loved one is the True personal God.

The Ancients lost the true idea of the personal God, and humankind has forgotten the true teachings. Humanity and its old teachers have only the dead letter left to worship. "God is Love" they say, but they forget to see God reflected in the human form. The personal God has become to them some far-off Majestic being, too high for human touch, and too cold for the warmth of needy lips and clinging caresses.

Today, we must find the personal God in the world of form around us: in the sky, in the sea, the trees, the earth, the flowers, the world of bird songs. All life speaks to us in God's own voice.