How to Become Enlightened - Cosmic Consciousness

December 15, 2016

Listen to episode 118 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Become Enlightened (Cosmic Consciousness). Adapted from a book The Rhythm of Life by Charles Brodie Patterson.

Spirituality Podcast Excerpt: Life is a state of consciousness. The visible world is a mirror of what humanity has felt and thought and done; but it is not a prophecy of what you shall be, for what you shall be is written into the soul of you, and only as you learn to express your own soul-life can you enrich the world in which you live and prepare yourself to receive new mysteries from the kingdom that lives within you.

Without consciousness, there would be no meaning to human existence. Our objective consciousness consists largely of material things, and our thoughts and emotions in relation to them. Consciousness consists, then, of what we feel and what we think, and from such feeling and thinking there comes the outward expression of ourselves in what we do; for our work is a natural expression of both thought and feeling. At times, we seem dominated by thought, and again by feeling.

In our happiest states we use both. The force of our life is in what we feel, while the form which our work takes comes largely through what we think. Our best work is accomplished when head and heart work together in unison. This holds good regarding all planes of consciousness, and this union makes not only for our highest good, but also for the truest expression of our work.

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