How to Build Better Life Habits | Getting Unstuck

January 21, 2016

Listen to episode 27 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Build Better Life Habits (Getting Unstuck). Adapted from book The Mind & Its Education by George Herbert Betts.

Podcast Excerpt: Building better habits will require something of heroism on our part. For to follow the well-beaten path of custom is easy and pleasant, while to break out of the rut of habit and start a new line of action is difficult and disturbing. Most people prefer to keep doing things as they always have done them, to continue reading and thinking and believing as they have long been in the habit of doing, not so much because they feel that their way is best, but because it is easier than to change.

Hence the great mass of us settle down on the plane of mediocrity, and become "old fogies." We learn to do things passably well, cease to think about improving our ways of doing them, and fall into a rut. Only the few go on. They make use of habits as the rest do, but they also continue to modify them at critical points of action, and so make their habits an ally instead of accepting them as a tyrant.

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