How to Change Your Life Around - Neville Goddard

March 8, 2016

Listen to episode 39 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Change Your Life Around. Adapted from a 1952 lecture by Neville Goddard.

Podcast Excerpt: As an individual, you move and live in time, but your true being is in eternity. Think of the vertical line of the cross as the line of being upon which there are unnumbered levels of awareness. Time cannot make you better or wiser. In fact, time cannot do a thing towards changing your level of being, for change is all on the vertical line where you move to higher or lower levels of your own being.

Because change is imminent, we speak of it as infinite imminence---as nearer than near and sooner than now. The person you would like to be is imminent: is nearer than near. The ideal you dream of being is sooner than now and is brought into being by a change in your reactions to life...

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