How to Choose Your Friends Wisely (Friendship Factors)

December 1, 2016

Listen to episode 114 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Choose Your Friends Wisely. Adapted from the book Friendship by Hugh Black.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Our choice of friends is one of the most serious affairs in life, because we become molded into the likeness of what we love in our friends. From a purely selfish standard, every fresh bond we form means giving a new hostage to fortune, and adding a new risk to our happiness.Apart from any moral hazard, every intimacy is a danger of another blow to the heart. But if we desire fullness of life, we cannot help ourselves.

We may make many a friendship that ends in hurt, but the isolated life is a greater danger still. Every relationship means risk, but we must take the risk; for while nearly all our sorrows come from our connection with others, nearly all our joys have the same source. We cannot help ourselves; for it is part of the great curriculum of life.

We need knowledge, and care, and forethought to enable us to make the best use of the necessities of our nature. And foremost of these in importance is our choice of friends. We may err on the one side by being too cautious, and too exclusive in our attachments. We may be supercilious, and disdainful in our estimate of others. Contempt always blinds the eyes. Every person is vulnerable somewhere, if only like Achilles in the heel. The true secret of insight is not contempt, but sympathy.

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