Sustainable Success | Living on the Edge of Joy

April 5, 2016

Listen to episode 47 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Sustainable Success (Living on the Edge of Joy). Edited and adapted from the book Joy Philosophy by Elizabeth Towne.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Perhaps you feel that you are too old; or that your burdens are too great; that you have no time or energy to pursue your Ideals. I say that it is never too late to drop your burdens and use your energy to some joyful purpose. All one has to do is to declare “I have no burdens. Life is a play-ground!“ and stick to it.

There are many serious people who say, “Life is real. Life is earnest.” But I say to you that “Life is really what you think it.” It is a great game, a tragedy, or a sentence of hard labor, just as you will. If you don’t like what it has been, use your ingenuity to make it different.

Above all things, drop the burdens. Refuse to make bricks without straw. If the world won’t let you go, just go anyhow.There is always a Red Sea to cut off pursuers and obliterate your tracks—unless perchance you dig up your old tracks and lug them through the wilderness. If you do, I give you fair warning, you’ll never get across the border into the land flowing with milk and honey...

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