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How to Create Good Luck | Success Tips

September 24, 2020

Listen to episode 510 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Create Good Luck | Success Tips. Edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas, published in 1917.

An old proverb says that "Good courage breaks ill luck.” In other words, mental power, rightly directed, is the only force that creates good luck. Hard work alone will not make you lucky. You must be ready to seize your good luck when it comes, and you must search for it until you find it.

Ask yourself now, "Am I lucky! Am I trying to be lucky? Am I determined to be lucky?" You are the only person who can decide. If you want to be lucky, you must train your mind to obey your will, and you must rule it with wisdom, courage, and foresight.

In what manner are you exercising your mind and keeping it fit? You must know that your mind will do a lot of work for you without any effort on your part if you train it carefully. For instance, the mind works while we sleep. Not only is this shown by our dreams, but there are countless instances where people have gone to bed worried and perplexed over some problem, and on waking in the morning have found the solution in their minds.

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