How to Look Younger | Anti-Aging Tips to Stop the Clock

August 11, 2016

Listen to episode 84 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Look Younger (Anti-Aging Tips to Stop the Clock). Edited and adapted from Turn Back the Years by Harry J. Gardener.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: We see a thousand advertisements heralding the joy of youth. We see the millions of people the world over doing everything they can to achieve youth, to maintain it, or merely to hold the youth they already possess. But because this world is a place of quick reaction and rapid motion, most of us overlook the most essential elements of remaining young. We pass them by hurriedly in our rush to the nearest and more obvious methods of relief.

Youth is not a quality that can be purchased with cosmetics or at the corner drug store. Youth cannot be had for love or for money. If most human beings only knew it, the actual price of youth is the lowest of any "bargain" in all the markets of the world. The purchase price is merely self- analysis and self-change. Why then, one asks, is youth so often missed, so often hungrily yearned for, when it can be so easily obtained?

Well, the fault lies in the state of mind of this age — the hurry, the pell-mell rush for success and a thousand other goals. The purpose of today’s talk is therefore to make you stop and think. For intelligent, concentrated thought, and consideration of one's self are the finest helps obtainable.


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