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How to Meditate & Visualize (Entering the Silence)

August 18, 2016

Listen to episode 86 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Meditate & Visualize. Edited and adapted from The Key to Health, Wealth & Love by Julia Seton.

Self-Help Podcast Transcript: At some time or another in our lives, we all come to a place where two or more paths open up for us, and we stand at the cross-roads undecided which way to go. There is no friend near to whom we can seek advice. It is here, that the person who has developed the power of meditation (of inner communion), can rest awhile and find within themselves the solution to all difficulties.

This inner adviser has been called "The still small voice,” "Our Higher Self,” and many other symbolical terms which have served their purpose to awaken the mind to the existence of an inner consciousness. But whatever we name it, it is that guidance we gain when we can control our objective senses and link our mind with the Universal storehouse of knowledge.

This Infinite source is the place where all may, if they will, become at one with such knowledge and wisdom as can only be dimly glimpsed in the terms of human language. Here is the source of all wisdom ever sung, written, or spoken by the world's sages of all time, and there is no deeper source. Higher than this no mind can go.


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