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How to Sleep Well - Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

August 2, 2016

Listen to episode 81 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Sleep Well. Edited and adapted from Peace, Power, and Plenty by Orison Swett Marden.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Never allow yourself, under any circumstances, to retire in a discouraged, despondent, gloomy mood, or in a fit of temper. Never lie down with a frown on your brow; with a perplexed, troubled expression on your face. Smooth out the wrinkles; drive away grudges, jealousies, all the enemies of your peace of mind.

Let nothing tempt you to go to sleep with an unkind, critical, jealous thought toward another person. It is bad enough to feel unkindly toward others when under severe provocation, or when in a hot temper, but you cannot afford to deliberately continue this state of mind after the provocation has stopped and thus spoil your sleep. You cannot afford the wear and tear. It takes too much out of you. Life is too short, time too precious to spend any part of it in unprofitable, health-wrecking, soul-racking thoughts.

Be at peace with all the world at least once in every twenty-four hours. You cannot afford to allow the enemies of your happiness to etch their miserable images deeper and deeper into your character as you sleep. Erase them all. Start every night with a clean slate...


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