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How to Transform Your Life | Start Today | Inspiration

October 2, 2018

Listen to episode 305 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Transform Your Life | Start Today. Edited and adapted from Working With God by Gardner Hunting.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Why not have what you want? Have you settled down with a notion that you can't get it? Are you accepting a disappointment as something you must suffer through? Do you look at the thing that you really desire as being far beyond your reach? Do you carry around with you a heartache because you think your heart's desire is finally and forever denied you?

Do you look on yourself as being down and out, with no chance to get back? Do you think you are too poor to buy the things you like or even the things you need?

Have you done something that you think has brought a penalty upon you — sickness, poverty, loss of freedom, grief?

Well, before you give it all up as hopeless, won't you just hear me out a little way to see if your case is as bad as you think it is? I am not trying to sell you anything or to teach you anything or to persuade you of anything, but just want to share with you the ideas that changed the life of a man who used to think as you do, and who thought he had good reason to think so, but who has found out that he was mistaken and that life is not hopeless at all; and who believes that what helped him may help somebody else who is under a cloud similar to the one that he once lived under. Many things you want most are now within your reach.

It has been said that if a person were to offer a hundred dollar gold pieces for sale on the street at 5 dollars each, there would be few buyers, because nearly everybody would leap to the conclusion that the seller was a fraud. If you study the real reason why people instinctively feel that way, you will find in it the very secret of success in getting what you want.

You have heard it said a thousand times that "you can't get something for nothing." You may or may not think that you believe this to be true, but it is true, whether you believe it or not; and everybody deep down in their inner nature knows it is true. That's why we are shy of any promise that promises too much. That's why you are probably skeptical about the promise of what I am sharing with you today.

But just let this idea get a foothold in your mind: If it is a law that I cannot get something for nothing, then it must be true of this law, as it is of all genuine laws, that it works both ways. It must be true that I cannot give anything without getting something for it. Ever think of that?