Human Evolution, Intelligent Design & Limitless Possibility

December 28, 2017

Listen to episode 226 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Human Evolution, Intelligent Design & Limitless Possibility. Edited and adapted from “The Message of New Thought” by Abel Allen.

Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. As I mentioned last time, I am currently on vacation, so this week, as a special gift to our listeners, I am sharing a couple episodes from the series Our Sunday Talks, which ordinarily is only available to our patrons.

To gain full access to this weekly series of thought-provoking spiritual talks, as well as transcripts of the entire archive of the Inspirational Living podcast, please become our monthly patron by visiting Today’s episode of Our Sunday Talks was edited and adapted from “Message of New Thought” by Abel Allen, published in 1914.

HUMANITY has ever stalked the world like an idle sleep walker, in a dream of bewilderment, unconscious of the boundless resources of our own nature and the limitless heights that the fully developed person may reach. Limitation has always clouded our vision. Of the limitless reservoirs of mental life within ourselves, we have been totally oblivious. We are a stranger to ourselves, an unguided wanderer, ignorant of our own greatness and possibilities.

We supposed we were made in an instant, the result of a fiat, and that our limitations were set by the divine decree that brought us into existence. We were never told that we were not finished, or of the slumbering possibilities within ourselves. But we are awakening from our long dream, to the realization that “The full measure of the individual has never been taken” and that the infinite path of progress stretches away before us.

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