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Inspiration for Opening the Door to a Larger Life

September 5, 2019

Listen to episode 403 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Inspiration for Opening the Door to a Larger Life. Edited and adapted from The Open Door by Hugh Black.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Who can set limits to what is? Who can draw a line and declare that within its boundaries lies all that is possible? Who can say what forces there are unknown that one day may be utilized by us all? The world is not one definite thing, but is whatever we (with knowledge, courage, and faith) are able to make it.

When we reach the borders, there is ever an open door into a larger place. The world is just as big as we are big enough to inhabit. Like all true things, this idea is not completely new. We have always known it in other regions of human experience: aesthetically the world is to each of us what we are able to appreciate.

How different a single scene may appear to different views. Buttercups and daisies, the common flowers of the field, may be a delight to a child and a nuisance to a farmer. A single flower is one thing to a botanist, another to an artist, another to a gardener, and another to a lover.

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