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Inspiration for Perfect Poise and Personal Honor

February 28, 2019

Listen to episode 348 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: Inspiration for Perfect Poise & Personal Honor. Edited and adapted from Making the Grade by C.V. Mosby.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. For inspirational t-shirts and gifts, be sure to check out our website Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Making the Grade by C.V. Mosby, published in 1917.

BALANCE is necessary in all things. Nature demands and preserves an equilibrium. Get out of balance and you are in danger of a fall. A well-ordered and successful life consists of being able to preserve your poise, and keep it in tune and harmony with nature. Confusion is caused by a loss of mental balance, and failure comes to a life that is not well poised.

It is amusing to see so much energy wasted upon things over which we have no control, like complaining about the weather. “This is the hottest day ever” is hurled at you again and again on a summer morning by some fuming, fussy neurotic — when a glance at the thermometer would convince anyone that the temperature is pretty normal.

“I am dead tired, utterly worn out, worked to death,'' is said repeatedly, day after day, by people who are perfectly normal in every way except for a lack of poise. Haste, extravagant statements, fussing and fuming, does nothing but burn up your gasoline. You stand still all the time, but your engine is running at top speed.

An engine needs a governor. Without it, the engine’s value is nil. Instead of serving us, it destroys. The same is true of life. Lack of poise, lack of perfect control of our emotions, lack of order and equanimity, and life becomes chaos. Nothing is accomplished. All the energy and efforts needed in climbing, in making the grades, are burned up while we stand still.