Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

Inspiration for Self-Control & Building a Healthy Mindset

August 29, 2019

Listen to episode 401 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Self-Control and Building a Healthy Mindset. Edited and adapted from Light on Life’s Difficulties by James Allen.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Today, I’d like to offer some advice on the management of your mind. Before a person can see even the necessity for thorough and complete self-management, they have to throw off a great delusion that so many people have — the delusion of believing that their failures in life are entirely due to those around them, and not entirely to themselves.

"I could make far greater progress if I were not hindered by others," or "It is impossible for me to make any headway, seeing that I live with such negative people," are commonly expressed complaints that spring from the error of imagining that others are responsible for one’s own folly.

The violent or irritable person always blames those around them for their fits of anger. And by continually living in this delusion, they become more and more set in their irritable ways. For how can someone overcome — or even try to overcome — their weakness if they convince themselves that it springs entirely from the actions of others? 

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