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Just Be Glad | Life is a Song | Christian D. Larson

October 11, 2018

Listen to episode 308 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Just Be Glad | Life is a Song. Edited and adapted from Just Be Glad by Christian D. Larson.

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Whether you believe that life was made for happiness or that happiness was made for life, matters not. The fact remains that they alone can live the most and enjoy the best who take for their motto — just be glad.

Whatever comes, or whatever may fail to come, this one thing you should always remember — just be glad. Though every mind in the world may give darkness, continue to give your light; and though all may be lost, so there seems nothing more to give, forget not to give happiness.

The one great thing to do under every circumstance and in the midst of every event is this — just be glad. Wherever you may be, add sunshine. Whatever your position may be, be also a human sunbeam. What a difference there is when the sunbeam comes in; therefore why should your sunbeam remain without?

There is a sunbeam in every heart. Why hide it at any time? Does not the world need your smile? Is not everybody made happier and better when in the presence of a radiant countenance? Do we ever forget the face that shines as the sun? And does not such a memory continue to give us strength and inspiration all through the turnings and complexities of life?

We are not here to give sadness, but joy. We were not made to hide our souls in a dark thunder cloud, but to let the spirit shine in all its splendor and beauty. We are made to make life an endless song, and the sweet refrain of that beautiful song is — just be glad.

When things go wrong, just be glad. It is sunshine that brings forth the flowers from the cold and soggy earth. It is light-heartedness that lifts the burdens of life. It is the smile of human sweetness that dispels the chilly night of isolation and brings friendship and love to the bosom of the yearning soul.