Living a Magical Life: Creative Motivation for Inspired People

May 31, 2016

Listen to episode 63 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Living a Magical Life: Creative Motivation for Inspired People. Adapted from the book Concentration: The Key to Constructive Thought by C. W. Kyle.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The supreme lesson of life is that of self-realization. You are living in a world of magic. You have more power within you than that of any wizard whom you have read or dreamed about. Wake up! Learn who you are before you condemn yourself to a further life of inaction and inefficiency. To come to recognize yourself is the best elixir of life you will ever know.

It will take a psychological operation to rid you of your self-imposed limitations. Well, here it is. Words have a magic power. You have made yourself just what you are, and you have the power to change yourself into a being greater and more powerful than it is possible for you to conceive. You are possessed of unlimited powers. And if limited you now are, you, yourself, have raised the walls of limitation, and you have the power to remove them or let them stand.

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