Living a Purpose Driven Life | Purposeful Living

January 29, 2016

Listen to episode 29 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Living a Purpose Driven Life. Edited and Adapted from the book The Architects of Fate by Orison Swett Marden.

Podcast Excerpt: Those who push themselves to the front of the world’s stage are not the shallow players who impersonate all parts. They are the men and women who choose a specialty and master it completely. A one-talent individual who decides upon a definite object accomplishes more than the person with 10 talents, who scatters their energy and never knows exactly what to do.

A great purpose is cumulative; and, like a great magnet, it attracts all that is kindred along the stream of life. It is the individual of intense purpose, directed toward a single idea, who turns neither to the right nor to the left, though a paradise tempt them, who cuts their way through obstacles and forges to the front. Concentration is the keynote of every success story...

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