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Living an Authentic Life | Originality vs. Conformity

February 8, 2018

Listen to episode 238 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Living an Authentic Life | Originality vs. Conformity. Edited and adapted from Working With God by Gardner Hunting.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. By special request, we’ve just finished producing a new series of autosuggestion meditations to help those who are struggling to break free from cigarettes, alcohol, or heroin. When used in combination with our Majesty program, these meditations are a powerful tool to help create a new life free from addiction.

Learn more by visiting our website at Now on to today’s reading was edited and adapted from Working With God by Gardner Hunting, published in 1934.

THE poorest reason in the world for doing anything is that somebody else is doing it. Children have a name for the imitators; they call them a "copycat." But isn't it a curious thing that the "copycat" habit is almost universal among human beings? Most of us say the same things about newspapers, relatives, and sunsets that our friends do. We rise, sit, sleep, and eat as others do. And, whether consciously or unconsciously, one of the aims of our lives is not to be weird--that is, unlike others.

Isn't it pitiful, how we so often conform: conform to style, to custom, to mode, to trend. And if we think about it, we come upon a curious anomaly. The world is actually crying out for originality (for something new under the sun) yet it slaps at it instantly when it raises its head.

No person is so unpopular as the one who begins to be unlike the rest. However, no person receives such rewards as the one who persists in it! Strange! All people seem to be in a conspiracy to curb originality, yet we also all laud and reward it — and then when the applause begins, we all begin trying to ape the originator.