The Optimist’s Guide to Living the Philosophy of Optimism

June 22, 2016

Listen to episode 69 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Optimist's Guide to Living the Philosophy of Optimism. Edited and adapted from Helen Keller’s essay on optimism.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Although there are still great evils which have not been subdued (and the optimist is not blind to them), we are yet full of hope. Despondency has no place in our creed, for we believe in the imperishable dignity of every man and every woman.

History records humanity’s ascent. Each halt in our progress has been but a pause before a mighty leap forward. Our present time is not out of joint. If indeed some of the temples we worshiped in have fallen, we will build new ones on the sacred sites, loftier and wiser than those which have crumbled.

If we are losing some of the heroic physical qualities of our ancestors, we shall replace them with a spiritual nobleness that turns aside wrath and binds up the wounds of the vanquished. All the past attainments of humankind are ours; and what’s more, their day-dreams have become our clear realities. Therein lies our hope and sure faith....

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