Critical Thinking Skills: How to Reform Education

March 4, 2016

Listen to episode 38 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Reform Education. Adapted from “Mental Training: A Remedy for Education” by William George Jordan.

Podcast Excerpt: Examinations make cramming mandatory, and this process has a most pernicious effect on mind and brain. Tests exercise only the rote memory, the weakest of all memories, especially among the highly intelligent and gifted. They blur the process of memory by paying no attention to the association of memories by principle, classification, and relation. They deaden the mind by putting a premium on acquiring words untranslated into ideas or clear concepts.

In mental training, with no examinations and marks, the child would attend school with joy and freedom, prepared to be led to a love of knowledge and wisdom for its own sake, and for the use they could make of it. The absence of formal examinations does not imply that no estimate would be made of the child‘s progress, for students would be under the constant watchful eye of the teacher, studying their progress and development as manifested in their daily activities.....

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