Mis-Understanding Ourselves & Others | Miscommunication

August 29, 2017

Listen to episode 191 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Mis-Understanding Ourselves & Others. Edited and adapted from Ourselves and Others by H. Clay Trumbull.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: We do not fully understand ourselves. We do not fully understand others. We think that others do not understand themselves. We are sure that others do not understand us.

It seems to us that if we understood others better, we should find it easier to get along with them. It seems to us that if others understood us better, it would be easier for them to get along with us. Yet, as a matter of fact, most of our troubles with others grow out of our understanding others, and of our being understood by them.

Indeed, it is through an understanding of one another that most of what we call our "misunderstandings" with one another come. We are often understood by others at points where we (in fact) misunderstand ourselves.

We think ourselves generous; they know that we are selfish. We think ourselves free from vanity or egotism; they know our weakness in that very line. We think ourselves full of kindliness of heart; they know that a vein of unkindliness runs through all our estimates of others. We think ourselves careful and exact in speech; they know that inaccuracy and exaggeration are the rule with us.

We think ourselves uniform in our cheerfulness of spirit; they know that we are moody and impulsive to an exceptional degree. We think ourselves reasonably sensible; they know that we show ourselves weak and silly in the lesser and the larger affairs of life.

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