Motivation for Exercise & a Healthy Lifestyle

November 9, 2017

Listen to episode 212 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Motivation for Exercise & a Healthy Lifestyle. Edited and Adapted from Practical Ethics by William De Witt Hyde.

Motivational Podcast Transcript: A healthy life requires a body that is well fed. And, after that, the next demand is for exercise. Our powers are given us to be used; and unless they are used they waste away. Nothing destroys power so surely and completely as disuse.

The only way to keep our powers is to keep them in exercise. We acquire the power to lift by lifting; to run, by running; to write, by writing; to talk, by talking; to build houses, by building; to trade, by trading.

In mature life our exercise comes to us chiefly along the lines of our business, domestic, and social relations. In childhood and youth (before the pressure of earning a living comes upon us), we must provide for needed exercise in artificial ways. The play-impulse is nature's provision for this need.

It is by hearty, vigorous play that we first gain command of those powers on which our future ability to do good work depends. It is the duty of every grown person, as well as of every child, to take time for physical recreation.

Exercise taken in a systematic way for its own sake is a great deal better than nothing; and in crowded schools (and in sedentary occupations) such fitness exercises are the best thing that can be had. The best exercise, however, is that of which we are the least conscious.

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