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Motivation for the Enthusiastic Life | Personal Growth

August 18, 2020

Listen to episode 501 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Motivation for an Enthusiastic Life. Edited and adapted from The Power of Mental Demand by Herbert Edward Law.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Power of Mental Demand by Herbert Edward Law, published in 1916.

THERE is no element so important to a successful business or a successful life as enthusiasm. Yet it is an element often not thoroughly understood, or very accurately measured. It is rarely given the degree of importance to which it is entitled. Indeed, it is often neglected altogether. Enthusiasm is faith in action — it puts your beliefs to the test. The enthusiast believes that the thing can be done. They have the faith to believe that it ought to be done; and they have the enthusiasm to do it.

To the unthinking, enthusiasm is but the foam on deeply stirred waters. In truth, it is the striving of the waters themselves. It is the very life of effort. It is to effort what fire is to coal, what steam is to the engine, what a lighted fuse is to a charge of dynamite — the vital force which brings action.

Enthusiasm gives a sparkle to your eye, light to your countenance, spring and action to your step, certainty to your effort, and force and vigor to your movements. It gives character and vitality to your desires. It is the difference between wish and determination; between the inanimate body and the living, acting human being.

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