New Year’s Resolutions: Living Your Ideal Life

December 27, 2016

Listen to episode 121 of the Inspirational Living podcast: New Year’s Resolutions: Living Your Ideal Life. Adapted from the book Joy Philosophy by Elizabeth Towne.

Self-Help Podcast Excerpt: Whenever you achieve any ideal (small or great), don’t stagnate. Look within and find another Ideal to work for. Your Ideals are inspired for your use. Look eagerly upon them and know that they are Life itself. You do not make your Ideals. They make you—if you keep mentally in touch with them.

Now, perhaps you feel that you are too old; or that your burdens are too great; that you have no time or energy to pursue your Ideals. I say that it is never too late to drop your burdens and use your energy to some joyful purpose. All one has to do is to declare “I have no burdens. Life is a play-ground!“ and stick to it. You have no burdens—they are all a hallucination.

Life is a play-ground of circumstances and situations. Not burdens. That is the TRUTH. Just tell it to yourself until it works its way into your semi-paralyzed mind and makes itself felt. Relax physically and mentally. Lie idly under an apple tree and look up to the blue sky and let your fancy play with the world. You will find a new and happy TRUTH in common things, just as Isaac Newton did.

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