Nothing Happens By Chance | The Kybalion & Hermetism

October 13, 2016

Listen to episode 100 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Nothing Happens By Chance (The Kybalion & Hermetism). Edited and adapted from The Kybalion.

Philosophy Podcast Excerpt: Stop to think a moment. If a certain man had not met a certain lady, way back in the dim period of the Stone Age — you who are now reading these lines would not now be here. And if, perhaps, the same couple had failed to meet, we who now write these lines would not now be here.

And the very act of writing, on our part, and the act of reading, on yours, will affect not only the respective lives of yourself and ourselves, but will also have a direct, or indirect, affect upon many other people now living and who will live in the ages to come. Every thought we think, every act we perform, has its direct and indirect results which fit into the great chain of Cause and Effect.

I don’t not wish to enter into a discussion of Free-Will, or Determinism, in today’s talk, for various reasons — the principal one being that neither side of the controversy is entirely right — in fact, both sides are partially right, according to ancient Hermetic philosophy....

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