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Opportunity Knocks | The World is Your Oyster

February 22, 2018

Listen to episode 242 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Opportunity Knocks | The World is Your Oyster. Adapted from Stepping-Stones to Success by Horace D. Hitchcock.

Podcast Excerpt: THE world today is full of opportunities. In business, in art, in literature, in every field of endeavor, the call of opportunity is greater than ever before. To the ambitious, the world presents a rich hunting ground, a wide expanse for fruitful endeavor. But to those who lack knowledge and courage, it seems as a great city, walled in by those more fortunate who have gained entrance to its rewards, through fame, fortune, or influence.

The old adage that opportunity knocks once on every person’s door, is, perhaps, so old that it is now out of date. The saying was undoubtedly intended to exemplify the fact that opportunity actually comes to one less often than it is sought. The fields of endeavor are full of opportunities today, but they are ever playing "hide- and-seek" with the ambitious.

The first step toward any success is the grasping of an opportunity. In speaking of opportunity William Gladstone said: "In some sense, and in some effectual degree, there is in every person the material for good work in the world." In every one of us, there is the God-given germ which may be termed our "capacity for usefulness." In every one of us, this quality is capable of being developed, through proper exercise and nourishment.

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