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July 16, 2020

Listen to episode 493 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Optimism & The Keys to Happiness. Edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. If you would like to give back to this podcast with a one-time financial donation, please visit Thank you. Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas, published in 1917.

Free will means the power to rule our minds. We cannot rule unless we understand. It is not necessary that we should indulge in morbid introspection concerning ourselves. We can learn by studying human nature, and by pondering over the lives of the great women and men of the ages.

Self-control is the first lesson that life teaches us, because without it we cannot succeed in anything we undertake. Success is merely a relative term. To a number of people it stands for happiness; to some, contentment; to others, money. Money is not to be despised. After all, it is the visible and tangible sign of success in business. We must never forget, however, that success in business does not necessarily mean success in life. If you have money, you want to know how to use it so that it will bring you actually what you need, and this demands a cultivated and well-balanced mind.

There is one quality of the mind that makes for power and progress above all others. Without it, life must be a failure and a fraud, hopeless and despairing. With it, all the days are tinged with rose, and all our troubles, defeats, and disappointments are but the sign-posts marking our steps on the road to success and happiness. It is the philosopher's stone of life which turns all it touches to gold.

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